Migration Patterns

Occupational Stress Among Migrated Workers in Unorganised Sectors

Author : P.Mohanraj | 2013
Published By: International Journal of Research in Management & Technology

The most important feature of Indian labour market scenario is increased migration rate from rural and backward areas in job search. This has increased the concerns like economic, social and political migration of migrant workers particularly the unskilled ones from insufficient and lowered regions to find employment and living. Hence, migration is apprehended to be stimulated by the extent of social groups’ susceptibility thereby resulting in the susceptibility increase at the destination point. Migration has become a global phenomenon today. Movement for job is livelihood strategy in India. An unorganized sector plays a crucial role in providing job opportunities to the migrants. In the present complex and competitive environment, stress level is increased among migrant workers in unorganized sectors due to various reasons. Stress is physical, mental and chemical reasons to circumstances that frighten confuse and irritate. Stress is the general term applied to the pressures, people feel in life. The presence of stress at work is almost unavoidable in many works. The present study deals with the level of stress among migrated workers of unorganized sectors in Erode and Tirupur districts.

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