Political Inclusion

Migration in India: Questions of Social Exclusion

Author : Kar Suparna Majumdar, Dasgupta Pritha | 2015
Published By: International Research Journal of Social Sciences

This paper examines the process of migration within India, with special focus on the patterns of migration and the impact of the same on the place of destination and place of origin. The paper uses the theoretical framework derived from the work done by Ravenstein and Lee to understand this process. Data from the Census of India and NSSO, 2007-2008 is used to illustrate the process of migration as it operates in India with reference to the streams of migration and trends in the same. Also examined is the impact of migration on the place of destination with special reference to some of the myths associated with in migration which have been examined in the light of this data. It takes up certain recent incidents which have targeted in migrants across India to illustrate how the myths influence adjustment and practices associated with social exclusion. This paper also focuses on the process of adjustment and the question of social exclusion and some inclusionary practices with reference to the in migrants from some of the States in India which have experimented with some innovative practices.

URL : http://www.isca.in/IJSS/Archive/v4/i4/12.ISCA-IRJSS-2015-018.pdf

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