Migration Patterns

Internal Migration: An Analysis of Problems Faced by the Migrants in India- A Step to the Solution

Author : Ansari P A. | 2016
Published By: Worldwide Journals

According to a UNESCO report entitled Social Inclusion of Internal Migrants in India (2013), three out of ten Indians are internal migrants. The population of internal migrants in India went up from 309 million in 2001 to 400 million in 2011. Migrants today face crucial problems regarding their identity , child education , health issues , problems faced by female migrants, legal aid, and other disputes. To over come these problems and to enhance the betterment and progress of migrant workers in India , some serious measures should be taken by the government and civil societies including NGOs. This paper tries to focus on some problems and its measures can be adopted for the betterment of internal migrants in india thus we can move together to a social progress.

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