Migration Patterns

Trade Liberalisation, Internal Female Migration and Well-being in India

Author : Brinda Viswanathan | 2005
Published By: Institute for Social and Economic Change

The proposed work tries to link gender, poverty and migration through an analysis of a large-scale sample survey data of the National Sample Survey Organisation for the states of India. The aim is to compare the changes in the pattern of migration for the late 1990s with the early 1990s to see the impact of the reforms on the migration of women. To throw light on the gender aspects it is intended to copmare two states one, with high per capita income growth and FDI investment to the one with the low per capita income growth and less FDI investment.

URL : http://www.pep-net.org/sites/pep-net.org/files/typo3doc/pdf/files_events/4th_colombo/PMMA/Vishwanathan-pa.pdf

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