Children of Migrant Workers

Assessment of Health, Hygiene and Nutritional Status of Migrant Labourers: Scientific Intervention and Community Participation.

Author : Apoorva Bhatia, Priya Agarwal, Eare Neena, Anjaly Mehla, Nidhi Makhijani | 2016
Published By: Indian Institute of Technology

Migration in India has existed historically, but in the context of globalization and opening up of the world economy it has assumed special significance for the country. As a consequence of both historical and economic factors, there are serious income disparities, agrarian distress, inadequate employment generation, vast growth of informal economy and the resultant migration from rural areas to urban, urban to urban and backward to comparatively advanced regions in the most appalling conditions.

URL : http://www.iitmandi.ac.in/istp/projects/2014/reports/Group%2005%20Health%20Nutrition.pdf

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