“Footloose” Female Labour: Transnational Migration, Social Protection and Citizenship in the Asia Region

Author : Naila Kabeer | 2007
Published By: Women‟s Rights and Citizenship

This paper reviews the literature on female labour migrations flows within the Asia region from a gender perspective in order to gain a better understanding of their patterns, causes and consequences as well as their implications for current concerns with social protection and citizenship. The rationale for a gender perspective stems for evidence that women migrate for different reasons than men, they migrate along different routes and the consequences of their migration are also often different. Female migration therefore poses a particular kind of challenge for social protection and for the citizenship status of migrants. In addition, from a more analytical perspective, the study of gender differentiated movements of the population are important for the mirror they hold up to the different ways in which gender inequalities in the division of labour are incorporated into the broader and spatially uneven processes of development in an era of globalization.

URL : https://www.idrc.ca/sites/default/files/sp/Documents%20EN/WRC-WP1-Kabeer-Migration.pdf

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