Migration Patterns

Children and Families on the Move: Stateless Children in Indonesia

Author : Leslie Butt, Jessica Ball, Harriot Beazley | 2016
Published By: Center for Asia Pacific Initiatives

Migrant children are born and raised without legal affiliation to a nation-state. Children who lack legal documentation are often described as stateless. Children of Indonesian migrant workers are a diverse population whose lack of documentation may be the result of various parental decisions, family transitions, and wider cultural, political and economic conditions. Statelessness can lead to a range of trajectories and outcomes. Some reasons that Indonesian children are stateless are: (1) they crossed borders illegally with their parents and do not have legal documents in the receiving country; (2) their births are not registered in their home communities; (3) they may have migrated independently without documentation. This report focuses on migrant parents’ decision-making regarding birth registration for their child.

URL : http://www.uvic.ca/research/centres/capi/assets/docs/mmp-reports/CAPI%20Research%20Report%202014%20Stateless%20Children.pdf

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