Distress Migration

Seasonal Rural Migration: Quality of Life at Destination and Source

Author : Prashant Bansode | 2016
Published By: Janarth

The present research on quality of life of seasonal migrants has brought out bitter facts. The quality of life of sugarcane cutter migrants deteriorates sharply at destination from the nominal quality of life at their source. Moreover their basic human rights stand violated at the destination. Seasonal migrants were found worse off on the parameters of quality of life on food intake, housing profile, medical and educational facilities. As far as the housing profile is concerned of the total 22 attributes of housing profile (which include quality/nature of house, electricity, fuel used for cooking and source of drinking water) on 18 attributes the destination was worse when compared with source. The study further demystifies the fact that seasonal migrants make money. It was found that on an average the migrant household's monthly savings at destination was just Rs. 262 and for the entire season the savings were just Rs. 1546. Rather the study attest that seasonal migration for majority of migrants is predominantly a survival strategy i.e. coping mechanism, for few it is a source of additional income and some remain bonded due to debt. These are the findings of a collaborative research study undertaken by the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune and Janarth, Aurangabad a leading voluntary organization involved in marginalized communities including seasonal migrants.

URL : http://www.gipe.ac.in/pdfs/Seasonal%20Rural%20Migration.pdf

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