Distress Migration

Meeting the Educational Needs of Seasonal Migrant Children: An Analysis of Educational Programs at Brick Kilns in India

Author : Megan Nicole Reed | 2012
Published By: University of Arizona

This research aims to highlight how the specific educational needs of migrant children, a group singled out by the SSA as a vulnerable population, can be met under the new guidelines. Beginning in 2009, the Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action and Prayas Chittor began to bring to the attention of the SSA departments of Gujarat and Rajasthan the high number of out-of-school seasonal migrant children living at the brick kiln worksites in the districts around Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Bhilwara, Rajasthan. In response, the local SSA department piloted educational outreach initiatives at the brick kilns in the districts of Gandhinagar, Patan, Ahmedabad, and Mehsana; Gujarat and Bhilwara, Rajasthan. This report will analyze and evaluate the programs piloted in Gandhinagar and Bhilwara. The objective was to indicate specific difficulties encountered in implementing the newly provisioned special training programs at brick kiln worksites and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs when used to meet the educational needs of migrant children.

URL : http://arizona.openrepository.com/arizona/bitstream/10150/244751/1/azu_etd_mr_2012_0146_sip1_m.pdf

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