Socio-economic Factors

The Role of Migration on Poverty Reduction in Indonesia: A Quest on the Migrants’ Welfare Before and After Migration

Author : Hasnani Rangkuti | 2016
Published By: Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute

It is theoretically argued that there is a strong linkage between migration and poverty. Migration can be treated as an alternative to improve individuals’ welfare and to minimize the risk of being prone to poverty. Meanwhile, poverty itself at the same time facilitates people to leave the land. In many developing countries, like Indonesia, migration is seen as a coping strategy to step out of poverty. Migration is a common phenomenon for many Indonesian who cannot find jobs in their homes due to lack of employment opportunities and limited sources, tried to search for fortunes in destination. Many studies on migration have found that migrants on the average are better than non-migrants. However little is known to what extent that migration process can improve migrants’ welfare and to step them out of poverty. This study wants to shed lights on this issue.

URL : http://iussp.org/sites/default/files/event_call_for_papers/paper%20Hasnani%20Rangkuti%20-%20IUSSP%20Busan.pdf

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