Migration Patterns

Displacement and Migration from Climate Hot-spots in Bangladesh Causes and Consequences

Author : Md Shamsuddoha, M Munjurul Hannan Khan, Sajid Raihan, Tanjir Hossain | 2012
Published By: ActionAid

Climate change is generally understood as the potential cause of mass migration, especially from areas where low-income and resource-dependent communities live in environments that are already at risk. Links between environment, climate change and migration are gaining importance, especially in climate vulnerable countries like Bangladesh. Predictions suggest alarming numbers of people in Bangladesh are likely to migrate as a consequence of climate change, but few empirical studies investigate the causes and consequences of human displacement and migration in any detail. The sitespecific drivers of displacement and migration, including a grounded understanding of relevant local economic, social and environmental issues, are yet to be understood.

URL : https://unfccc.int/files/adaptation/groups_committees/loss_and_damage_executive_committee/application/pdf/displacement_and_migration_in_bangladesh.pdf

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