Distress Migration

Migration and Security in South Asia: Emerging Challenges and Concerns

Author : Vinod K. Bhardwaj | 2017
Published By: Academia

Migration in all forms, like economic, social, refuge; is a prevalent phenomenon in the SouthAsian region. Both Migrants and refugees need attention to resolve their problem. Borders havegradually been diminishing their relevance due to a ruthless rise in the intensity of this problem.Despite, security along the borders, infiltration is soaring high, which indicates that the problemmay have its solution by creating an appropriate space to these migrants. Besides, refugees havetheir genuine demand to settle them in their maternal land. Both migrants and refugees areneither worthy nor safe to their destination countries like India. Economic migrants needlivelihood opportunities, preferably in their neighbourhood, whereas refugees need solution totheir settlement and identity. On the contrary, the destination states are vulnerable to securitythreats, which are commonly operated by these foreign bodies. Migration and refuge areemerging as a non traditional security threats to almost all member states. Humanity is an aspectto be honoured but it is not to be protected at the cost of security. Undoubtedly, all refugees or migrants are not culprits but the offenders belong to these groups and hence a permanent solution through mutual agreements and cooperation should necessarily be made to restore regional peace & prosperity and ensure regional and individual security. All the member states of the SAARC must intend to find a way out to this present scenario with genuineconsiderations. Therefore the problems of migration and refuge are to be addressed in context ofboth humanity and security.

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