Recognising the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women Migrant Workers

Author : United Nations Development Program (UNDP) | 2015
Published By: United Nations

Labour migration flows and trends are influenced by gender dynamics in the countries of origin and destination. While migration can provide new opportunities to improve women’s lives and change oppressive gender relations, it can also perpetuate and entrench traditional roles and inequalities and expose women to new vulnerabilities as the result of precarious legal status, exclusion and isolation.10 Vulnerabilities are severe and acute among women migrants in unsupervised and unregulated sectors— such as domestic work—and include violence, exploitation, abuse and labour rights violations.

URL : http://www.asia-pacific.undp.org/content/dam/rbap/docs/Research%20&%20Publications/hiv_aids/rbap-hhd-2015-the-right-to-health.pdf

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