Migration Patterns

CEDAW and the Female Labour Migrants of Bangladesh

Author : Refugee and Migratory Movements Unit (RMMRU) | 2017
Published By: Refugee and Migratory Movements Unit (RMMRU)

In spite of the prevalence of migrant labour from Bangladesh, the rights of migrant workers, particularly women migrants, as humans and workers remain unaddressed. In the context of Bangladesh, women’s mobility for the purpose of education, health care and jobs is restricted by structural factors, informed by socioeconomic and cultural conditions and reinforced by discriminatory practices and legal instruments. The issue of female labour migration is stigmatised. This has resulted in decreased women’s participation in the overseas labour market. As a state party to the CEDAW, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) is responsible for addressing the issue of equality of women in general and female labour migrants in particular, to comply with observation 34 of the CEDAW Committee. It is anticipated that meeting the obligation of CEDAW will help to empower potential female labour migrants in making migration decisions independently, overcoming existing barriers.

URL : http://tbinternet.ohchr.org/Treaties/CEDAW/Shared%20Documents/BGD/INT_CEDAW_NGO_BGD_48_8124_E.pdf

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