Migration Patterns

Patterns and Politics of Migration in South Asia

Author : Sanjay Barbora, Susan Thieme, Karin Astrid Siegmann | 2011
Published By: South Asian Outlook

Migration is an important social and historical reality in South Asia. In the past decade, migration from one country to another and internal migration (i.e. migration within a particular country) have assumed different dimensions for people in the region. Contemporary research on migration is placed in a spectrum that ranges from exponents of economic benefits at one end, to those who see migration as a security threat, at the other. This paper combines the work of three researchers and looks at the different political locations from which the South Asian subject is induced to move. It also discusses the economic and political implications that arise from these migration trajectories. Drawing on their research, the authors emphasise the need for understanding how migration is linked to a complex set of processes that reflect power relations in unequal societies.

URL : http://www.southasianoutlook.com/issues/2011/august/patterns_and_politics_of_migration_in_south_asia1.html

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