Migration Patterns

Internal and International Migration in South East Asia

Author : Guntur Sugiyarto | 2012
Published By: Asian Development Bank

This chapter examines the key developments and challenges of internal (domestic) and external (international) migration in Southeast Asia by looking at their main features and key drivers. Internal migration in the region is almost wholly urbanization. All are in the context of identifying the key challenges and policy implications useful for the countries in the region as well as other countries in similar situations. The region has experienced dynamic socio-economic developments that bring significant changes to the living conditions and labor productivity. The developments, however, have also created economic and other gaps or imbalances that induce people to move among locations. This poses a formidable challenge for policy makers in the region, especially on the governance of migrations within and across countries in the region, as well as from the region to the rest of the world.

URL : http://www.aae.wisc.edu/hoseae/chapters/13-Sugiyarto.pdf

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