Migration Patterns

Mainstreaming Migration in Development Agendas: Assessment of South Asian countries

Author : Piyasiri Wickramasekara | 2015
Published By: Crawford School of Public Policy

There has been increased emphasis on the linkages between international migration and development at international, regional and national levels in the past two decades. This recognition of migration as a developmental tool has generated calls for mainstreaming migration in development with some origin countries making specific attempts at incorporating migration concerns into their development agendas. Yet this approach is being promoted in a context where there is still inadequate understanding of the precise linkages between migration and development. The paper reviews the situation in South Asia with respect to mainstreaming arguments. It first reviews the analytical issues involved in mainstreaming including definitions and mechanisms proposed. Next the main linkages identified between migration and development – remittances, return migration and diasporas – are discussed in relation to country experiences in South Asia. Some contradictions in the mainstreaming discourse are highlighted followed by some conclusions and policy implications.

URL : https://crawford.anu.edu.au/acde/publications/publish/papers/wp2015/wp_econ_2015_02.pdf

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