Bonded Labour

Poverty, Discrimination and Slavery: The reality of bonded labour in India, Nepal and Pakistan

Author : Krishna Prasad Upadhyaya | 2008
Published By: Anti-Slavery International

This report is a study of the reasons why bonded labour, a contemporary form of slavery, persists in India, Nepal and Pakistan. In particular, it examines the effectiveness of state interventions against bonded labour. This report reflects the main findings of research carried out by CEC, GEFONT and PILER between January 2004 and December 2006 into some of the obstacles to the eradication of bonded labour, the reasons why bonded labour persists, and into the interventions that have been made since anti-bonded legislation came into force in South Asia.2 It also draws on other existing literature on the subject. The report includes a number of recommendations which if fully implemented would lead to the eradication of bonded labour in South Asia.

URL : 20170602010304.pdf

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