Distress Migration

Causes for Agricultural labour Migration in Tamil Nadu

Author : K Suresh Babu, K Balanaga Gurunathan | 2013
Published By: International Journal of Scientific Research

Every human being needs food, shelter and clothing for their livelihood. To earn for the livelihood he seeks the places where Agricultural Labour can earn his daily bread. In a vast country like India, where unequal distribution of resources exist, It is inevitable for the agricultural labour to find a place ideal to him. There is always uncertainty on the farm works and if the off season, it is unable to feed the labour sumptuously hence as an alternative he starts migrating to an ideal place suitable for him. All over the world though migration occurs, there are many specific reasons for Tamil Nadu agricultural laborers to migrate. A study made to achieve this objective revealed that all the laborers prefer to migrate due to poor salary. In a situation of unemployment, when there is not even a single organization to assist temporarily or professionally, as a stop-gap arrangement agricultural laborers shift their place out of necessity. Even absence of social status too makes a person to migrate next in order. In a situation, where a labour has maintained a status for a period, if there is a shift toward, negative level the attitude is very much affected to bow his head before to others. Hence even with a prestige motive, he shifts his work place. Poor job satisfaction long working hours and bad working conditions too chase an agricultural labour from his niche.

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