Distress Migration

Rebuilding Nepal: Creating Good Jobs Amid Reconstruction and Migration

Author : Gregory Randolph, Prachi Agarwal | 2017
Published By: JustJobs

Two years ago, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake. It displaced nearly 2.8 million people and shocked the country’s economy, with an estimated US$ 7 billion in damage and losses in a country whose gross domestic product (GDP) stood at only US$ 19 billion. The human face of this macroeconomic landscape emerged not long after the earthquake, in stories of Nepali workers employed abroad who were unable to travel home to help their families rebuild because of strict and exploitative contracts. The irony that workers laboring abroad to provide for their families were unable to assist them in a time of emergency brought into harsh focus the realities of Nepal’s labor market. The earthquake has indeed renewed calls for a different kind of development in Nepal, one focused on creating more and better employment within the country. This report argues that Nepal must adopt a new approach to economic development – one focused on sustainability, inclusion, and the creation of good jobs.

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