Condition & Problems of Female Domestic Workers (With Special Reference to L.D.A. Colony in Lucknow City, India)

Author : Rufina Augustine, Rupesh Kumar Singh | 2016
Published By: Journal of Sociology and Social Work

Female domestic workers are the part of unorganized workforce of India. This trend of keeping females as a domestic worker has increased day by day this could be because of lack of education, Unemployment and lack of other Vocational skills. This study highlights the “Condition & problems of female domestic workers” which basically focuses on the “condition of work” & “working conditions” and problems related to health, wages, work security, family related problems because of work, mental, physical & sexual harassment at workplace. The study also reveals the awareness of the respondents about the Governmental Organizations (GO’s) & NonGovernmental Organization (NGO’s) working for their welfare. The results and discussion part gives a clear picture of the “Condition & Problems of the female domestic workers of that area”. The suggestions given in the study can be cited to improve the conditions of Female domestic workers in India.

URL : 20170712031905.pdf

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