Migration Patterns

A Historical Study of Origin and Migration of Banjara Tribe in Telangana State

Author : B. Suresh Lal | 2016
Published By: International Journal of Current Research

The paper focuses an account of the origin, history and migration of the Banjara tribe. Banjaras have a unique culture of their own and spread all over the country. They give priority to community life, community values and have collective property resources for common use. To study the origin and historical background of Banjaras, to analysis the various connotation on Banjaras and their migration, to focus the significance of the Banjara culture in the present day scenario and to suggest appropriate measures to restore their culture for future generation. This paper provides historical evidences from the ancient period to present day scenario in India. It attempts to list out different connotation and terminology used for the same community in different parts of India and their migration to South India and Telangana. It intended to examine criticallly on various theories and stories connected to Banjaras and their origin and migration to south India.

URL : 20170720013552.pdf

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