Livelihood Security Conditions of the Interstate Out Migrants of Rural Youth of Assam, India

Author : T.V. Kumar, U. Barman | 2017
Published By: International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences

The study on causes of interstate out migration of rural youths of Assam was conducted with 150 respondents. The present study was conducted at Hyderabad. The respondents were rural youths of Assam migrated to Hyderabad and worked in unorganized sector. The Snow ball technique was applied to select the respondents. Majority (56.00%) of the respondents satisfied with their earnings at destination place. Total three fourth (75.67%) of the respondents waited for getting a job after the out migration at destination. A majority (65.34%) of respondents suffered with asthma problem at destination place. The mean working hours of the respondents at destination was 10.44 hrs. Most of the respondents living in katcha houses in group to save money.

URL : 20170727035208.pdf

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