Socio-economic Factors

Role of Caste in Migration: Some Observations from Beed District, Maharashtra

Author : Kalyani Vartak | 2016
Published By: Social Science Spectrum

In case of migration studies in India, the role of caste has been largely ignored. But it plays a role in facilitating, barring migration and in creation or perpetuation of migration patterns. Social networks and capital which enable and encourage migration are caste based networks. Hence, certain migration streams may be easily accessible to migrants while others will be closed. Migration patterns differ across caste groups. For the erstwhile lower castes, migration offers an opportunity to escape oppressive caste practices, while for the dominant castes it is a way of consolidating power in the spaces that they inhabit. Economic and ‘social’ remittances of migrants play a role in shaping caste practices and also in weakening or strengthening the power of certain caste groups. This paper looks at the differing migration outcomes and examines the role that caste plays in determining them. It explores the relationship of caste and migration based on primary data collected in Beed district of Maharashtra.

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