Urbanization and Economic Growth in Punjab (India): An Empirical Analysis

Author : Sabyasachi Tripathi, Kavita Mahey | 2016
Published By: Munich Personal RePEc Archive, MPRA

The present paper using Census data describes the recent past trends and patterns of Punjab’s urbanization from 1961 to 2011. It investigates the relevant determinants of urbanization in Punjab. Finally, it measures the impact of urbanization on urban economic growth in Punjab. The empirical results show that the growth rate of urban population is higher than that of the total population in Punjab. Urban agglomerations and urban areas of in Punjab also are increasing rapidly. Most importantly, it has been seen that urban population in Punjab is concentrated in an around Class I cities than other class of cities/towns. The OLS regression results show that road distance to sub division (or nearest city population of 1 lakh and more) has a negative effect on urbanization in Punjab measured by size of city population.

URL : 20170811024759.pdf

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