Occupational Diversification and Rural-Urban Migration in India: A Review of Evidence and Some Issues for Research

Author : Uma Rani, H. S. Shylendra | 2002
Published By: Journal of Social and Economic Development

This paper attempts to review some of the existing theoretical and empirical studies on occupational diversification and rural-urban migration. Theoretically, the changing occupational structure has come to be explained from both the developmental and the distress angles. Empirical studies suggest that forces of development and distress are influencing rural occupational structure simultaneously. However, the extent of their influence is difficult to judge from the available evidence. The paper emphasises the need for a new focus in diversification studies to explain the phenomenon not only in terms of the micro-level dynamics but also from a broader perspective considering various macro processes. As regards rural-urban migration, given its peculiar nature, the phenomenon needs to be understood separately from the general process of diversification.

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