Socio-economic Factors

Causes of Migration of Labour in Tirunelveli District

Author : M Healthy Gnana Viji | 2013
Published By: ResearchersWorld

The present study is an attempt to understand the factors that cause labour migration. It purports to inquire into pull and push factors of migration of semi-skilled and unskilled migrant workers in Tirunelveli district. Primary data collected from the field through a structured questionnaire has been used in this study. A number of variables causing migration have been identified by the researcher. The reliability of the variables is tested through reliability analysis applying Cronbach’s alpha. Exploratory Factor Analysis is employed using SPSS 19 to reduce the variables, identified as the causes of migration, into handsome number of factors. Confirmatory Factor Analysis has also been applied to confirm the factors causing migration developed through Exploratory Factor Analysis using AMOS 18. Structural Equation Models have been developed for this purpose.

URL : 20170829034950.pdf

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