Children migrating for work from Dungarpur district, Rajasthan, to Gujarat: A Report

Author : Neera Burra | 2008
Published By: NCPCR

The increasing incidence of seasonal migration of adivasi children from southern Rajasthan has been a cause of great concern. Most of these children are below the age of fourteen years. Child labour is used for cross-pollination work. If child labour were removed, they would have to stop doing cross-pollination, as child labour was critical for this work. Children were short and could easily cross-pollinate the flowers without having to bend too much. Their bodies were more flexible and they did not complain as much as adults. [NCPCR].

URL : http://www.ncpcr.gov.in/Reports/Children_Migrating_for_work_from_Dungarpur_District_to_Gujarat_by_Neera_Burra.pdf

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