Migrants :Voices of Delhi's Silent Majority

Author : UNICEF, UNESCO | 2011
Published By: UNICEF India, UNESCO

In India, internal migration has been accorded very low priority by the government, partly due to a serious knowledge gap on its extent, nature and magnitude. Migrants constitute a “floating” population, as they alternate between living at their home and host location, and in turn lose access to social security benefits linked to the residence, and other informal social networks. There is a pressing need to ensure that all migrants have access to services and entitlements as enshrined in policies and law; and to ensure that urban settlements become inclusive spaces as they expand in size and diversity. This report compiles interviews of migrants who flock to the city of Delhi from neighboring states. According to Human Development Report of Delhi (2013), there are indications that the rate of migration in Delhi has declined or at least stabilized. The paper presents a the voices of the migrant workers who remain unheard.

URL : 20131203022628.pdf

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