Migration: Disease Burden, Health Care access and Challenges ahead

Author : Dr. B.V Babu | 2011
Published By: India Urban Conference (IUC)

Migration represents an important livelihood diversification strategy for many in the world’s poorest nations. Considering developing countries like India, internal migration holds high importance in terms of development perspective. In this context, health of migrants has received considerable attention in the last few years by the World Health Assembly (WHA). The 61st World Health Assembly acknowledged that the health of migrants is an important public health matter and recognized the need for WHO to consider the health needs of migrants in the framework of the broader agenda on migration and development. This report summarizes the findings of a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in several cities of India on the health status of migrants and the challenges that emerge in providing medical access to them.

URL : 20131225123645.pdf

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