Internal Migration and Socio-economic Development in Vietnam: A call to action

Author : United Nations (UN) | 2010
Published By: United Nations Population Division

This advocacy brief highlights five main ways in which internal migration affects and is affected by to socio-economic development. As such, these are issues that deserve attention from policymakers and development partners in Viet Nam. This paper analyses the impact of internal migration through three lenses, namely the lens of the migrant themselves, the migrant-receiving communities and the migrant-sending communities. Like many other countries that have undergone rapid economic and social development, Viet Nam has experienced an exponential increase in the movement of people both within and outside its borders over the past 20 years. There is growing recognition that these processes – development and migration - go hand in hand. Migration drives, as well as results from, a country’s social and economic development. This advocacy paper refers to the issue of under-sampling of migrants in national census surveys due to the narrow definition of migration adopted.

URL : 20140114123031.pdf

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