Social Security for Unorganised Workers: Recommendations of the NAC

Author : National Advisory Council, NAC | 2012
Published By: National Advisory Council

India has 93% workforce engaged in the informal or unorganized sector.They work long hours for very low wages or income. They lack sufficient access to work and income security, food security and even basic social security like health care, child care, insurance and pension. The collective efforts of unions, cooperatives, NGOs and most of all, the unorganized workers themselves,backed by the work of NCEUS and the recommendations of NAC resulted in Parliament passing the Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act (UWSSA),2008. However, three years since then, the Central Government has not formulated and notified a minimum social security package for all workers in the unorganized sector.It is against this backdrop that the NAC Working Group on Social Security has recommended ways of improving both coverage and implementation of the Act

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