Perspective on Forced Migration in India: An Insight into Classed Vulnerability

Author : Lopamudra Ray Saraswati, Protap Mukherjee | 2011
Published By: Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration

Forced migration can be defined as the movements of refugees and internally displaced people as well as people displaced by natural or environmental disasters, chemical or nuclear disasters, famine, or development projects. A considerable amount of force migration has been accounted by nature. Almost 300 million people were affected annually by natural disasters during 2000-2005, while an average 77,000 were killed annually over the same period. Besides environmental factors, the forced displacements of population may also occur due to other factors, such as social, ethnic and political conflicts, weak states, and inequitable distribution of resources. There is another type of forced migration triggered by developmental projects. This displacement takes place through government intervention, generally for the purpose of some development-required change in land or water use.

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