Traversing Myriad Trails: Tracking Gender and Labour Migration across India

Author : Indrani Mazumdar, Indu Agnihotri | 2014
Published By: Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace

This paper argues that the effacement of gender in macro-analyses of internal migration in India is based on the collective inability to delineate the contours of female labour migration from the official databases. While critiquing the single causality approach to migration which overwhelmingly privileges social over economic reasons in female migration, the chapter essays a gendered macro-view of labour migration in India, for which new methods of approaching the data of the most recent macro-survey on migration in India (2007–08) are applied. The argument posited here is that the migration pattern is enhancing gender inequalities in the labour market. While the domination of services and industry in male migrant employment has contributed to a degree of diversification in the structure of the male workforce away from agriculture, the same is not the case for the female workforce.

URL : 20140718050153.pdf

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