Health Equity for Internal Migrant Labourers in India: An Ethical Perspective

Author : Ajoke Basirat Akinola, Anil Kumar Indira Krishna, Satish Kumar Chetlapalli | 2014
Published By: Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

In the developing countries, internal migration is a survival strategy for many labourers in search of a better livelihood and opportunities. It is inevitable that many of them will leave their home towns and villages in the coming years, and that the future will see an increase in the number of migrant labourers in developing countries such as India. Migrant workers face unique health problems and it is important for the health system to prepare itself to face these. In this context, the system will need to address certain key ethical issues. There is plenty of published literature on international migration and its ethical aspects. However, there is a scarcity of information on ethical issues relating to internal migration. This article examines these issues in the context of India. It addresses the issues of equity, non-discrimination, the provision of culturally competent care to migrants, allocation of scarce resources, and achieving a balance between benefits and risks for migrants. Our analysis should be considered while planning any healthcare intervention for internal migrant workers in all developing countries.

URL : http://www.issuesinmedicalethics.org/index.php/ijme/article/view/2134/4602

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