New CDKN Research Shows the Reality of Climate-Induced Migration in Bangladesh

Author : Kashmala Kakakhel | 2014
Published By: Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Bangladesh is ranked as one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world. It is at extreme risk of floods, tropical cyclones, sea level rise and drought, all of which could drive millions of people to migrate. Although climate-related migration in Bangladesh is significant, surprisingly, there have been to date very few empirical studies carried out specifically on how climate change influences migration and its wider implications. This has made it hard to identify adaptation measures to deal with this major issue. As a result current policies and plans in Bangladesh do not sufficiently address the growing problem of climate-induced displacement, especially large-scale migration.

URL : http://cdkn.org/2014/07/feature-new-cdkn-research-shows-the-reality-of-climate-induced-migration-in-bangladesh/

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