Construction Workers

Internal Migrant Construction Workers: Addressing Informality in Recruitment

Author : CR Abrar | 2016
Published By: New Age

This research validated the findings of the earlier research. Based on in-depth interviews of internal migrants, employers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders it concluded that informality in the recruitment process is pervasive and there is an urgent need to formalise the recruitment process. Only then irregularities that exist in the sector can be effectively addressed. Young male workers dominate the construction sector work force, most coming from landless households. In general, they migrate more than once a year, on average spending more than six months in total at destination. Their principal objective is to secure cash flow for their households. In most cases, in addition to construction work, they are involved in other income-generating activities

URL : http://newagebd.net/207965/internal-migrant-construction-workers-addressing-informality-in-recruitment/

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