Child Labour

Forgotten on the Pyjama Trail

Author : Concerned for Working Children, CWC | 2016
Published By: Concerned for Working Children (CWC)

A heart-wrenching documentary film titled-- Forgotten On the Pyjama Trail-tells us why a simplistic understanding of child labour results in negative consequences for children. The film was made by Bengaluru-based NGO the Concerned for Working Children (CWC). The film was released on June 12 recently. "The film is inspired by true events that took place in Morocco. Forgotten On The Pyjama Trail is a story narrated by a little girl, Fathima, who works in a Moroccan garment factory in order to support her family. She is one of the children who experiences a 'ban' as international communities gear up to rescue her and her ilk," said a press release issued by the CWC.


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