Young Rural Women in India Chase Big-City Dreams

Author : Ellen Barry | 2016
Published By: The New York TImes

Experiments like the one in Bangalore run against deep currents in India, whose guiding voice, Mohandas K. Gandhi, envisioned a socialist future built on the small-scale economy of the village. They also collide spectacularly with an old way of life, in which girls are kept in seclusion until they can be transferred to another family through arranged marriage. Bangalore is the first city the 37 trainee tailors have seen. They are dazzled by the different kinds of light. Picking their way through the alleys around the factory, a column of virgins from the countryside, they stare up at an apartment building that towers over the neighborhood and wish their mothers could see it.

URL : http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/25/world/asia/bangalore-india-women-factories.html

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