Political Inclusion

The State of Environmental Migration 2011

Author : François Gemenne, Dina Ionesco, Pauline Brücker | 2011
Published By: Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)

The studies in this publication offer both fresh analysis and novel solutions on migration in the context of natural disasters. They cover a wide variety of situations, including, for instance, proposed infrastructure and public works projects to enhance resilience to flooding in Bangkok, Thailand; an examination of the efficacy of circular migration policies enacted in response to flooding in Colombia; and an analysis of policy responses to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. These articles offer concrete assessments of current shortcomings in policies related to disaster risk reduction and steps that can be taken to enhance preparedness and response capacity. Other papers examine potential approaches to mitigating slowonset climate change in countries such as Spain and Mexico, highlighting the severe humanitarian consequences resulting from a type of climatic disaster that is too often overlooked. While each paper addresses a specific situation, they all emphasize how migration policy can be used as a tool to manage the pressing needs of vulnerable communities to adapt to disparate environmental hazards.

URL : http://www.iddri.org/Publications/Collections/Analyses/SEM%202011_web.pdf

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