Migration Patterns

Population Distribution and Internal Migration in Bangladesh

Author : Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics | 2015
Published By: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

Bangladesh inherited the long practice of conducting the population census on decennial basis since 1872. The last Population and Housing Census in Bangladesh was conducted during March 15-19, 2011. It is an attempt to provide a general scenario of internal migration and urbanization in Bangladesh using census 2011 and compared with previous censuses. This study would help in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to internal migration, urbanization, and combat climate change and its impact. The size of the population according to the census 2011 is 144.04 million among which male is 72.11 million and female is 71.93 million. Among the total population 76.7% live in rural and 23.3% live in urban. The change and pattern of population is observed from 1901 to 2011. The size of the population gradually increases. After independence population density in 1974 was 484 and in 2011 density are 976. At present the density is maximum in Dhaka and minimum in Barisal division.

URL : http://www.bbs.gov.bd/WebTestApplication/userfiles/Image/PopMonographs/Volume-6_PDIM.pdf

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