Migration Patterns

Poverty and Rural-Urban Migration

Author : K. M. Mustafizur Rahman, Suban Kumar Chowdhury | 2012
Published By: Unnayan Onneshan

Rural-urban migration reduces the pressure of population in the rural areas and, thereby, should improve economic conditions and reduce rural poverty. However, disparities between the urban and rural areas in terms of income and employment as well as the unavailability of basic infrastructure and services persist. Urban areas offer more and better opportunities for socio-economic mobility of the poor and rural-urban migration, therefore, will continue. It is evident that the incidence of poverty is higher in the rural areas than that of the urban areas. Moreover, the rate of reduction in the rural areas of poverty is also higher in the rural areas than the urban areas. This might be occurred due to the accelerated pace of rural-urban migration.

URL : http://www.unnayan.org/reports/PovertyandRuralUrbanMigration.pdf

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