Migration Patterns

Trend and Impact Analysis of Internal Displacement due to the Impacts of Disaster and Climate Change

Author : Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services | 2014
Published By: Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services

The issue of 'climate change induced forced migration' has receive immense importance in recent discourses. It is evident that the greatest single impact of climate change might be on human migration/displacement; an development estimation of the IPCC First Assessment Report 1990 (IPCC AR1) predicted migration of 150 million people by 2050. More recent studies show an even more terrifying figure of climate change induced migrants: a ten-fold increase from today's entire population of documented refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). This means that by 2050 one in every 45 people in the world and one in every 7 people in Bangladesh will become displaced by climate change. Although many scholarly articles have warned about future floods of climate change induced migrants, no policy measures have yet been taken; even the terms and concepts referring to climate change induced migrants are found dissimilar throughout the literatures.

URL : http://displacementsolutions.org/wp-content/uploads/CDMP-Internal-Displacement-Bangladesh-Analysis.pdf

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