Migration Patterns

Adolescents’ Rights, Gender and Migration

Author : Global Migration Group (GMG) | 2011
Published By: Global Migration Group

This report reviews the literature and preliminary evidence on the impacts of migration on adolescents’ welfare and access to the realization of their rights. The review allows for identifying gaps in the evidence required for policy formulation. It stresses the need to approach adolescents´ migration from a gender and rights-focused lens and argues that adolescence is a vulnerable stage. Migration can add vulnerabilities and barriers for developing young peoples’ capacities for functioning in society and accessing their rights. An examination of migration-oriented policies in labor sending countries offers suggestions for strengthening migrant adolescents´ capacities through appropriate policies and interventions.

URL : http://www.globalmigrationgroup.org/sites/default/files/uploads/gmg-topics/mig-data/Adolescents-Rights-Gender-Migration-Final-Report-April-2011.pdf

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