Migration Patterns

Climate Change Displaced Persons and Housing, Land and Property Rights

Author : United Nations (UN) | 2016
Published By: United Nations

This paper , which forms a part of Displacement Solutions’ Climate Change and Displacement Initiative , attempts to begin a structural process of closing this gap by focusing squarely on these issues and proposing strategies to States and the international community on how to best address the housing, land and property dimensions of climate change. It outlines the housing, land and property rights of climate change displaced persons, examines the consequences of climate displacement in four selected countries and proposes a range of rights-based housing, land and property legal and policy measures that can be initiated now in support of climate change displaced persons and their HLP rights. This report urges States to immediately re-double legal and policy efforts within the housing, land and property sectors focused specifically on the rights of climate change displaced persons, and concludes with a series of recommendations to both Governments and the international community designed to improve the HLP rights prospects of climate change displaced persons.

URL : http://displacementsolutions.org/files/documents/DS_Climate_change_strategies.pdf

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