Welfare Schemes and Support Mechanisms

India Labour and Employment Report 2014

Author : Institute for Human Development | 2014
Published By: Institute For Human Development

The India Labour and Employment Report (ILER) aims at bridging this gap by amalgamating information and insights from the available data and research, which is presently available only in a fragmented manner. It also attempts to bring about a better understanding regarding the status, trends and emerging perspectives pertaining to labour markets and employment. Planned as a bi-annual publication to be brought out by the Institute for Human Development (IHD) and the Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE), the first Report provides an overview of the labour market and employment outcomes that the Indian economy has delivered during the process of globalization. The Report assesses the gains and losses for labour in the first round of globalization. It reveals many markers of change as well as deep challenges.

URL : http://www.ihdindia.org/ILERpdf/ILER-full-report-2014.pdf

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