Migration Patterns

Planning and Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Haryana: A Process Study

Author : P Durgaprasad, S Kaushil, S M S Yadav | 2010
Published By: National Institute of Rural Development

The report processes, analyses and summarises the official and people’s perceptions as well as the research team’s observations as per the NIRD’s prescribed formats and parameters. It brings out the strengths as well as weaknesses of the operationalisation of NREGS in Haryana, points to the evident as well as perceived reasons for the same, and putsforth some concluding observations, suggestions and prescriptions for sprucing up the process of implementation of NREGS in the State, for which the report does indeed find both the need and the scope.

URL : http://www.nird.org.in/NIRD_Docs/mgnregs/Haryanamg.pdf

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