Labour Markets

Outmigration from Hill Region of Uttarakhand: Magnitude, Challenges and Policy Options

Author : Rajendra P. Mamgain | 2015
Published By: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, NIRD

The paper examines the demographic changes in hill and plain regions of Uttarakhand. The dynamics of out-migration and its impact on household economy are analysed. It also argues how migration has almost failed to generate any multiplier effects in the village economy. The hardships of village life in general and women in particular in Hill Region of Uttarakhand in the wake of increasing out-migration understood. It analyses the nature and quality of livelihoods in hill districts of the State and shows how these are highly backbreaking yet contributing very low incomes to a large majority of workers therein. The policy paradigm and its failures to create remunerative employment opportunities in Hill Region and resultant out-migration for creating present demographic vacuum are discussed.

URL : 20170424030529.pdf

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