Socio-economic Factors

Migration, Poverty and Vulnerability in the Informal Labour Market in India

Author : Anindita Sengupta | 2013
Published By: Bangladesh Development Studies

This paper investigates the relationship between poverty and migration with the 64th round household level data on employment and unemployment and migration particulars in India collected from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in 2007-08. The paper examines whether out-migration of rural workers is a gainful option to reduce poverty. By applying the logit model, the study also investigates the effect of rural urban migration on poverty among the in-migrant households living in urban areas in the probabilistic sense. The study explores probable reasons behind migration, either temporary or permanent, in urban locations. It is observed that lack of education, pressure of big family size, small landholding and inadequate agricultural income push rural workers to out-migrate to the cities in search of jobs.

URL : 20170616113840.pdf

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