Seasonal Migration

Temporary and Seasonal Migration in India

Author : Kunal Keshri, R. B. Bhagat | 2010
Published By: Research Gate

Migration from one area to another in search of improved livelihoods is a key feature of human history (Srivastava and Sasikumar, 2003). These moves might be of short to long distance as well as of short to long duration (Kosinski and Prothero, 1975; Massey, 1990; Stone, 1975). It is evident from the available literature that there is a widespread occurrence of temporary and seasonal migration for employment in developing countries (Brauw, 2007; Deshingkar and Farrington, 2006; Hugo, 1982; Lam et al., 2007; Mberu,2006; Yang, 1992). Temporary migration is also one of the most significant livelihood strategies, adopted among the poorest section in rural India, predominantly in the form of seasonal mobility of labour.

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